Daily Prompt: Crossing

via Daily Prompt: Crossing

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There’s lots of ways to nurture your perspective. What does crossing mean to me?

Crossing can mean simply walking over to the other side of the street. You could be that pedestrian walking aimlessly with uncountable thoughts crammed in your mind, and you could also be helping somebody cross that road. The road which is just concrete to you may be a turning point for another.. whether or not they cross over might change their lives forever.

Crossing can mean another task completed on your bucket list. The joy of having made it that far is indescribable. It’s like swimming for miles before reaching the mainland..You feel so accomplished that the stars seem closer home than ever. Then again, that person may not be you.

You may be that person who made a mistake, now crossing it out and trying to get better. You realize that everybody makes mistakes, it’s human. And you also know that it is best to move on and not make the same mistake again. Crossing is a learning experience for you.

Somewhere in the world, a “crossing” is usually a meeting place. It’s a pit stop. People exchange greetings when they bump into each other frequently.  They rest and watch others busily going about their work, like outsiders. A moment later, they join them and blend in. There’s no time for a little chat and definitely none for lunch. The city goes about this way all day and most of the night – the only indicator of time is the lights.

Crossing a line is different for everyone in every aspect of morals and obligations. It’s not something that requires analysis, it’s a conscience. It’s natural. You may have crossed a line intentionally or otherwise. It happens. What you do after it happens is the person you really are.

Finally, it comes to crossing your fingers. It’s an inexplicable way of hoping for luck. It doesn’t work most of the time, of course. But what’s stopping us from doing it anyway? The tighter you cross them, the luckier you get.

That’s what crossing means to me. Nothing and a lot of things. After all, life is the way you look at it.



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