The Boat

via Daily Prompt: Float

The view from our houseboat was breathtaking. The sky looked unreal, like one of those art masterpieces come to life. Swaying palms, fluffy white clouds and birds – it was a pleasant morning. Waking up here has been like a distant dream. I could never get used to hearing the sound of splashing water all the time. Not like we had much time.. we’d be out by the next morning. I tried not to think about it.

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Floating on those waters, I realized it was the closest I’d ever come to giving up control. It sounds lamentable  but I’ve always liked being in charge of everything. And that is so much more easier on land than floating on water. I felt vulnerable yet at peace. The aura of the surroundings was starting to grow in on me. For the first time in a few years, I had a quiet breakfast without having to rush immediately after. There was a bubble around me, keeping me away from all the hustle and bustle. Only I could see it and I’d like to keep it that way.

It was just then that I caught on to the fact that most of us live our lives within our means and trapped in a box. Now, that box is very delicate. One wrong move and you might as well dub it Pandora’s box. Breaking out of that box is a moderate affair. One step at a time is all you need.

The storm came that afternoon. I had been reading a book and deciding on our lunch menu. There was a variety of fresh fish available and it was almost painful to make a choice. As our banter went on I noticed a change in the weather. There were dark clouds gathering in the sky. At that time, we dismissed it. However, it got darker and there was a sudden fall in the temperature. I don’t remember when it started raining. The loud thunder was frightening and I was panicking. I hated floating around those dangerous waters and putting all my conviction on a boat. I wished I was home – jaded but safe.

We were all sitting huddled in a corner. The boat was surprisingly sturdy for all it’s fancy interior. The storm could’ve lasted anywhere from a couple of minutes to a few hours. I was just glad that it was over. “It was a mild storm,” they said. “We were lucky.” I had spaced out meanwhile thinking otherwise. What if we’d been swept away? What if we weren’t so lucky? What if…?

The only question that seemed worth answering was whether I would do this again, all of it. I was surprised to realize that my answer was yes. I would most certainly take that chance. I’d rather be risking it all than stuck in a monotonous routine. That evening, we watched the sunset. It was so beautiful – the red sky, the blue waters and us.. floating. Before I fell asleep that night I registered that we hadn’t taken any photographs that day. Not one.

Imagine. If we lived our entire lives like that – be fully alive to each and every moment. I can recount the events of that day like it were yesterday. I always knew I would never forget. And as I slowly closed my eyes, the  stars seemed to agree with me.



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