Daily Prompt: Someday

via Daily Prompt: Someday



Someday, I want to be free of the shackles of deadlines and pressures.  I want to be able to travel the world. It’s a beautiful world and definitely worth exploring. Starting from the East, I want to visit every country possible and live it up. I’m at loggerheads with my bank balance, it disagrees thinking I should be out there saving up as much as I can. Last year, I bought an album so I could fill it up with pictures of my travels. I haven’t gotten anywhere. .. but I am a dreamer. Someday, I’ll go through with this. I definitely will.

Someday, I want to go skydiving.  I’m afraid of heights and I want to overcome that. Something about being nearer to the sky nauseates me. That is strange as I’ve always wanted to fly away from life, not because I’ve a lot of troubles but because the routine suffocates me. I have a fair shair if troubles, though. It’s not paradise. Then again, we all have different versions of it.

Someday, I want my family to get better. They’re not bad people..we’ve just grown apart. We all miss how things used to be. It’s all miscommunication and misunderstanding now. My way of dealing with problems is avoiding them. So it’s safe to say that things have gotten worse from my end. I just find it easier to pretend it’s all fine. I’m a selfish, socially awkward introvert. I’m sorry about that. I seem cold and distant but I don’t mean to be. It’s just a defensive barrier. I don’t want to get hurt again. Someday when I find the courage, I’ll start picking up the pieces and fixing them. Again. I wonder if they can wait…

Someday, I want my room to be tidy for a week. I can never find the time or need to clean up the place. It’s in complete disarray and I absolutely adore it the way it is. I don’t cook often, so there are no dirty dishes but there are clothes lying everywhere, messy piles of books beside my unmade bed and the walls are covered with movie posters and a few selected newspaper cutouts of unsolved crime cases. Also, it’s an excuse for not inviting people over or not having a pet. Understandably, I’m not sure the house can withstand more.

And someday, I want to wake up and say “today” instead of another “someday”.


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