Daily Prompt: Unseen

via Daily Prompt: Unseen


The reality of things is hidden in the realm of the unseen. We don’t know a good thing until it’s gone. People take a lot of things for granted. Nobody bothers about what happens behind-the-scenes, they only look at the big picture represented by them. Not that you have to be dropping curtsies ever so often but we have a lot to be grateful for.

The unseen is synonymous with unknown for most people. You don’t see them weeping, so you think they’re fine.
You don’t see them sweating it out, so you feel they didn’t put in an effort. You don’t see them landing a punch, so you assume that they’re not mad. They don’t “see” it, therefore it doesn’t exist. There are two types of people – closed and open.

According to the closed ones, if it’s not in a book or you can’t look it up anywhere then it must not be true. The open ones are not averse to possibilities and are generally more optimistic in nature. Don’t be afraid to have an open mind; your brain will not fly away.

It is believed that infants are completely open minded. It’s probably why I never questioned the existence of Lisa, a playmate of my toddler cousin. She was a good friend and very reliable. The trouble with Lisa was that my cousin was the only one able to see her. I stopped asking questions after the toddler innocently said that we(Lisa and I) looked the same. Gradually, we heard less of Lisa. Nobody bothered. We were just glad that we could see all the new friends.

Sometimes the “unseen” hides in plain sight and your shades are not tinted just right. We choose to ignore disturbing sights most of the time. Truth is, we see the stars in the sky not their twinkle. We see the beautiful world we live in but don’t appreciate it. We miss all those details that enhance beauty and  miss out on so much. When you look at the world with a silver spoon in your mouth, it obstructs your view. For the sake of appearances, take the stupid spoon out. You’ll see that the streets are much more happening than those red carpets. There’s so much to see – even a lifetime of freedom can’t suffice experiencing everything the world has to offer. The unseen part of anything is as good as it gets.

It’s rightly said that the best things in life are unseen. It’s probably why we close our eyes when we dream and when we laugh wholeheartedly. But if you want to go looking for the unseen…we may cross paths someday.


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