Daily Prompt: Exposure

via Daily Prompt: Exposure

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If there’s one thing you should be worried about, it’s not getting enough exposure. There is so much to see, lots more to do… Everything’s not what it looks like, even salt looks like sugar at a glance. The reasons are deeper, the actions are tougher and the dreams are even more profound than they seem to be.

As a kid, I recall being told the story of two seeds buried in the ground. The first one feared the world outside, “They say there’s no roof above our heads as we grow older. Just a huge, horrid emptiness called the sky. And most of the time, there’s this almost blinding light coming from a lamp hanging in the sky, called the ‘sun’. I like the warmth and the food here. I have company too. I’m not leaving!”.

The second seed was curious. It wanted to be able to touch the sky and wondered what happened the remainder of the time – when the sun wasn’t there. It wanted to grow and shine and feel the wind. Hence through the passage of time, it grew. Meanwhile, the first seed withdrew into itself. Since it refused to grow, it stopped receiving nutrients for survival. Gradually, it began to shrink and withered out.

The second seed had an amazing life. It broke free from the soil underground and continued to grow. It realized that the sky was much more pleasant than its previous stony roof. It relished the warmth of the sunshine. The seed – now a plant – found many others like it. There were different animals and a more diverse variety of plants. The plant beared flowers and fruits and loved the night sky studded with stars. The journey had certainly been rewarding..

We miss out on so much without noticing it. We all have a lot to deal with.  If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough. An exposure can show you everything you can’t normally see – it’s a hands-on experience. It’s never too late. And the only time you can’t break out of the box is when you’re shut in a coffin. Until then, live a little. Create a life that you don’t need a vacation from. Cheers!



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